Finding The Way Forward For You

Finding The Way Forward For You

Clarksville Injury Lawyers Assist with Burns, Scars and Disfigurement in Tennessee

Helping accident victims get justice for pain and emotional distress

Few injuries cause more pain than serious burns. The scars and disfigurement they leave behind can continue to impact your life long after your medical treatment has ceased. It can be very hard to truly comprehend the broad effect these types of injuries can have on you and those you love. What sounds like a fair settlement may not be nearly sufficient to truly compensate you for what you have lost. If you find yourself in this position and no longer know where to turn, you can trust the experienced attorneys of the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC to help. We can advise you of your rights and keep the insurance companies honest during the settlement process. If they still fail to negotiate in good faith, our reputation throughout Clarksville lets them know they can expect to face aggressive and effective litigators in a Tennessee court.

Common causes of permanent disfigurement

While any kind of disfigurement can be compensable, it is permanent disfigurement that tends to play the biggest role in personal injury litigation. These types of injuries can come about from a variety of causes, many of which can be somewhat technical:

  • Flames
  • Electrocution
  • Explosions
  • Direct chemical exposure
  • Animal attacks
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Unsafe machinery
  • Broken glass

Over our more than 27 years of legal practice in the Clarksville area, we at the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC have dealt with nearly every type of permanently disfiguring injury. During that time, we have amassed extensive personal knowledge of the various legal and technical aspects of these types of injuries. We have also built relationships with highly respected medical and engineering professionals throughout Tennessee whose opinions are so very important in establishing these serious personal injury claims.

Why it is important to fight for compensation

Scars and disfigurement are distinct from any other type of injury because they affect you directly and the way others react to you. This can be deeply troubling for many burn or disfigurement victims and can even have an effect on your job prospects. While through the grace of God medical science has made tremendous strides in its ability to repair scarring and disfigurement, these treatments are often expensive and may not be covered by many insurance plans in Tennessee. All these factors impact the fair value of a personal injury case and must be taken into consideration to ensure you and your family receive the compensation needed to move on.

We can help you rebuild your life

While no amount of money can truly restore what you and your family have lost, our experienced and compassionate attorneys at the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC can advocate on your behalf to help you recover the compensation you need to provide for your family and maximize your quality of life following a serious burn or other disfiguring injury. With three convenient office locations in Clarksville, we serve clients throughout the counties of Montgomery, Davidson, Stewart, Cheatham, Houston, Dickson, Humphreys and Henry. Call our office at 931-444-5620 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.