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Are you facing felony robbery charges?

Ending up in a situation in which you need to defend your innocence against criminal accusations in distressing. You may have felt like you had little time to get your bearings as police officers took you into custody, transported you from one place to another, likely questioned you, and otherwise bombarded you with information and activity.

Now that some of the dust from the initial arrest has settled, you know the importance of fully understanding the charges that you face and what the potential outcomes of a conviction could be. As a result, you want to gain as much reliable information about your case as possible.

Support may be available to you after your divorce is final

There are significant financial changes associated with divorce. Your lifestyle will probably change, and you will likely have to adjust to a new financial reality. These may be overwhelming thoughts, especially if you do not work or you earn significantly less than your spouse. Divorce will change your life in many ways, but it is possible that support could be available to you. 

Spousal maintenance is a type of support that is often available to a lesser-earning spouse. Sometimes, this type of support may be for a limited amount of time, perhaps long enough for that person to reenter the workforce, or it may be something that is permanent. If you believe that you could be eligible for this type of support, you need to know more about your rights and how you can fight for a fair final divorce order.

The school year does not have to create custody stress

The opening months of a new Tennessee school year can be an exciting time, but parents and kids both agree that there is some anxiety as well. Parents want their children to do well and have a positive experience, and children may be anxious about seeing old friends and making new ones. If you are the divorced parent of school-age kids, you may have additional concerns with which to deal.

Whether you have been divorced for several years or this is your first school year with a custody schedule, you are probably already feeling the additional stress that comes with the school schedule. The end of summer may have spelled the end for some of the flexibility surrounding shared custody. It may be a good idea to meet with your ex to address any early concerns the school year has introduced before they become a source of tension.

Inexperience isn't the only danger you face from teenage drivers

Can you remember those first weeks and months you had a driver's license? More than likely, you experienced a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Perhaps you didn't quite understand the responsibility you took on at that point, but eventually, you did.

You may logically know that everyone has to learn from personal experience how to drive. Understanding the capabilities of a vehicle under different circumstances takes time. Teenagers may understand the theory behind operating a motor vehicle, but they usually have little practical experience.

Are you considering a personal injury claim after suffering harm?

After suffering serious injuries due to someone else's negligence or reckless behavior, you may have a long and expensive road ahead when it comes to recovering from your injuries. Those injuries may have changed your life in significant ways, and it's possible that you may never fully recover.

Coping with the changes that your injuries may cause can certainly be difficult. You may even need more financial help than you anticipated and wonder how you can go about seeking compensation for the damages that resulted from the injury-causing incident. Fortunately, you do have legal options.

What's the right approach for your DUI defense?

If arrested for drunk driving, you may feel scared and unsure of what will happen next. What's going to happen to your license? Will you go to jail? These are just a few of the many questions people often ask when facing a DUI in Tennessee.

Whether it is your first DUI or you have multiple offenses on your record, the time to start working on your defense is now. 

How to avoid unnecessary expenses in a divorce

What will your divorce mean for your financial health? If you are like many people who are facing the process of ending your marriage, you probably have serious concerns about what this step will mean for your lifestyle, income and future needs. It may be important to you to cut costs during the divorce process wherever possible.

It costs money to divorce, but fortunately, there are ways you can avoid unnecessary expenses. When you prepare for divorce, understand what to expect and have reasonable expectations, you may find these things can actually save you money. When you are able to cut down on divorce costs, it can help you put more money toward practical expenses, save for the future and avoid extra stress during an already difficult process.

What negative habits might predict a divorce?

There are those who divorce that say they understand why it happened. Perhaps there was infidelity, or money problems. They may even tell you that they knew divorce was imminent.

Other people claim that they had no idea that their spouse wanted to end things. Maybe they believed everything was fine in the relationship and had no indication anything was wrong until it was too late. However, if you're concerned about your marriage, experts say that there are several telltale signs that a couple could wind up in divorce court.

Flashing red lights may be confusing but still need to be obeyed

Disobeying traffic laws is a major cause of car accidents in Tennessee and around the country. You may have witnessed many drivers change lanes or make turns without signaling, fail to yield the right-of-way, drive at excessive speeds or run red lights. In some cases, you may also have witnessed an accident take place or almost occur due to these violations.

In cases of running red lights, most people know that a solid red light at an intersection controlled by traffic signals means to stop. Of course, this does not always ensure that drivers do stop, but most drivers do want to heed the law. However, some other forms of red lights, especially flashing ones, may cause more confusion for drivers.

Acting as executor means handling many obligations

Even after the loss of a loved one, his or her life continues in certain ways, especially in ways attached to the remaining estate. But eventually you and other surviving loved ones face the task of closing the estate and settling final affairs.

Specifically, the executor of the will or the estate has the primary role of carrying out the necessary tasks of probate. Probate is the legal process that allows for the validation of a will and ensures that the estate closes as it should. Because many details go into settling an estate, if you are the executor, you may have a difficult time ahead.

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