Finding The Way Forward For You

Finding The Way Forward For You

Here For You When You Need It Most

If you have been accused of or are being investigated for a crime, you do not have to speak to the police without legal counsel. We urge you to contact us first so we can protect your rights and help you fight the charges.

What is at stake now is your future. A criminal conviction can impact the rest of your life. We understand that and we know the law and how it works. We will use everything we know to protect you against criminal charges at the state and federal level.

Some of the charges we offer our skilled defense against include:

We Understand Federal, Military, And Tennessee Criminal Laws

Whether the crime is an alleged violation of federal, military or Tennessee criminal law, our lawyers completely review all aspects of the case:

  • The circumstances and legality of the arrest
  • The state’s evidence
  • Written or recorded confessions
  • Warrants, charging documents and other official documents
  • Chains of custody for physical evidence
  • All other evidence

The Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, stands apart because our practice extends to military criminal defense. Because of our proximity to the U.S. Army’s Fort Campbell military base, our attorneys represent clients in court martial hearings.

Decades Of Experience Make A Difference

At the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, our firm provides our clients with a defense that is backed by decades of defending people in our courts. That depth of experience has taught us what strategies work and which do not. We will review the evidence in your case and build a defense that protects your rights and helps secure the best possible resolution for you. With more than 75 years of combined experience, we understand what it takes to win for our clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Clarksville And Throughout Tennessee

For a defense against criminal charges you can depend on, turn to the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 931-444-5620 or contact us online.