What behaviors may lead to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

Truck drivers deliver an incredible amount of cargo across the United States, and they drivers remain a constant presence on Tennessee roads. Most drivers get to where they are going without any problems, but some vehicles end up causing horrible accidents. Drivers sometimes make awful mistakes behind the wheel, leading to collisions. In the aftermath, an investigation could point to negligence on a driver’s part.

Common reasons why truck drivers may cause accidents

Not surprisingly, moving violations rank high among the reasons for truck accidents. Truck drivers operate multi-ton vehicles that could cause massive damage to other vehicles or property in a collision. So, driving above the speed limit, changing lanes carelessly, tailgating, and engaging in other traffic violations might make a crash unavoidable. Drivers may attempt to make excuses for moving violations, such as being in a rush to deliver essential cargo. Those excuses won’t carry much weight legally. Gross moving violations generally represent negligent behavior.

Drivers need to be aware that neglecting maintenance could lead to accidents even when following traffic laws. Faulty brakes may result in a tractor-trailer failing to stop and resulting in a fatality. Drivers and their employers might end up liable for any accidents caused by poor maintenance. Even mechanics who worked on the trucks could face litigation for a poor job.

Drivers put themselves and others at risk

A truck driver might think he or she is okay to drive when fatigued, but the decision could lead to a catastrophe. Federal and state laws mandate breaks and limit a driver’s consecutive hours on the road. Violating those rules may reflect negligence.

Other behaviors could create dangers, and truck and car accidents may leave lives ruined. Truck drivers who operate vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol violate the law and engage in highly negligent conduct. Distracted driving may do the same, and drivers that text, eat, or groom themselves when behind the wheel could place themselves and others in danger.

When a truck driver’s negligence causes injury, the victims may file a civil suit. A personal injury attorney could assist victims with legal actions and insurance settlements.


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