Either parent may need to update a Tennessee custody order

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A Tennessee custody order includes terms that clarify the responsibilities and rights of each parent. The order may designate one parent as the custodial parent who has the majority of parenting time while the other has visitation. The order may outline a parenting schedule and discuss the division of decision-making authority.

Some families set their own terms by cooperating. Other times, a family law judge establishes the custody arrangements for the family. Parents have an obligation to follow the rules outlined in a custody order to the best of their ability. They may need to cooperate to make decisions for their children and regularly exchange custody.

While they may occasionally need to make adjustments to their parenting schedule or negotiate important decisions, they should adhere to the custody order. Occasionally, either parent may reach the conclusion that the current custody order doesn’t work for the family. In such cases, parents can petition the Tennessee family courts to seek a modification.

What is a custody modification?

A custody modification is a formal revision of an existing custody order. Parents can request modifications in a few scenarios. A parent receiving only visitation access might ask for more time with the children. A parent hoping to move away with the children could seek to modify the terms of the custody order.

How can parents secure modifications?

To obtain a modification, parents generally need to prove that there has been a substantial change in their circumstances. New job offers, new relationships, or changes in household schedules could all be sufficient reason to request a modification. So could a deterioration of a parental relationship or the improvement of someone’s circumstances. Even the children transferring to a new school might lead to a modification.

Parents can also request a review of their financial obligations. In some cases, a change in income may warrant a modification of a child support order. A drastic change in the custody arrangements could also lead to an update of the child support order.

Parents concerned for the well-being of their children or the Improvement of their relationship with them may want to petition the courts for modification. During a hearing, they need to convince a judge that the proposed changes are in the best interest of the children. If the judge agrees, then it is possible to obtain more time with the children or to become the custodial parent in some cases.

Discussing custody concerns or financial changes with a skilled legal team can help parents determine if they have grounds to take legal action. Custody and support modification can be useful for parents in a variety of different scenarios.


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