Motorcycle safety laws in Tennessee

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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, one of the reasons you enjoy riding through the Volunteer State’s open roads is probably that it can be an exhilarating experience. Riding comes with a sense of adventure that few other vehicles can match.

However, with this adventure comes the responsibility of safety that you cannot afford to ignore. After all, motorbikes aren’t enclosed like other vehicles. This makes you more susceptible to devastating injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident than you would be if you were traveling by car or truck. This is where complying with motorcycle safety laws can come in handy.

Helmet and eye protection are the basics of rider safety

One of the most well-known safety laws among motorcyclists is the requirement to wear a helmet. In the Volunteer State, you are required to wear a DOT (Department of Transportation)-certified helmet. Aside from investing in a sturdy helmet, you can also benefit from wearing eye protection. This is especially important if your go-to helmets don’t have a built-in visor or if your motorcycle does not have a windshield.

Daytime headlight usage and mufflers can enhance visibility and reduce noise

Another important safety measure is the use of headlights during the day. This requirement might seem pointless but it can help ensure other road users see you. Mufflers are also a must-have because they can help reduce the noise your powerful machine produces. When you use mufflers, you help contribute to a more pleasant and safer riding environment for everyone.

Rearview mirrors and footrests help ensure comprehensive control and comfort

You can agree that without rearview mirrors, you would struggle to monitor traffic behind you. Rearview mirrors can enhance your situational awareness so you don’t perform maneuvers that can risk your life.You also need footrests to help ensure your stability and comfort during rides. Furthermore, proper footrests can help you maintain a balanced posture so you don’t experience back pain during long rides.

Licensing is the key to staying legally compliant

Do you have an up-to-date motorcycle license? If not, you should look into fulfilling this fundamental requirement. In Tennessee, riders must confirm they have the correct license for the type of motorcycle they intend to ride. Suppose you’re a new rider; you should make time to fulfill your specific license requirements.

When you adhere to pertinent safety regulations, you can ride more confidently because you’re prioritizing your safety. However, you should know that you can still get involved in an accident as a responsible rider. Should this happen, working with a seasoned legal group can help you hold the at-fault party accountable.


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