Post-divorce goals to focus on during the New Year

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Divorce

Your troubled marriage is behind you. Now that that the New Year is here, the divorce means getting a fresh start. Granted, the pain will take time to heal. However, your focus now is the future. You have made a big change in your life.

The New Year represents a time to continue to make changes as well as commitments. You have done away with the old – a stale and unfulfilling marriage – and brought in the new – opportunities that include relationships, interests and outlooks.

Invest in yourself, focus on the children

Now that you no longer are married, it is important to take care of yourself and, if you have children, continue to make them the priority in your life. Here are some matters that need extra focus post-divorce in the New Year:

  • Invest in yourself: New activities and hobbies not only provide learning opportunities, but they also will serve as stress relievers as you take care of yourself. Maybe you want to start a new business or even go back to school.
  • Look ahead: The future provides new opportunities for you and your children. Set goals and pursue new activities. The divorce means a new beginning for you.
  • Put anger, blame and bitterness in your rearview mirror: Holding on to the past is not good for you. Also, take the high road and focus on forgiveness of your former spouse whose betrayals were many, and yourself for any marital missteps. Forgiveness allows you to cleanse ill feelings from your soul.
  • Relish the challenge of co-parenting: The new year gives you the chance to be an effective co-parent with your former spouse. You share the children, so work together as you raise them. Both of you want what is best for your children, so working together has benefits.
  • Be open and honest with your children: Change is difficult, and your children know this. Things will not be the same. You may have to move, sell the home and change school districts. Reassure your children that you and their other parent are working together to make the best decisions that affect them.

This marks a new start, so take advantage of it now that you have shed some things from your life.

Optimism and good things

There are many other things that need attention with the arrival of a divorce in the New Year. Among them include personal finances now that you are on your own and taking the high road when dealing with a difficult former spouse. Just stay focused, remain optimistic and know that good things will continue to come.


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