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The legal proceedings are complicated. Even law students struggle to understand the processes of legal cases, so you must not feel embarrassed if you have no clue about what happens during trial. However, you can learn about the legal processes with our full-scale simulated court, the Court of Creativity. Children, law students, and people involved in a legal case can use this court for different purposes, but all of them can benefit from it.

For children and college students

The Court of Creativity is a full-scale simulated court with a bench, jury panel, judge’s chambers and jury deliberation room. We simulate a hearing from beginning to end so that those present can learn about our state’s processes in a legal case. Children of all ages and law students can benefit from this mock hearing in different ways. For example, children can acquire knowledge about the legal system, and law students can put their knowledge into practice by experiencing a real courtroom setting.

For our clients

We offer the use of our Court of Creativity for educational purposes. However, the court is also available to help those who have to attend a hearing and are nervous about doing something wrong. With the Court of Creativity, we can prepare our clients for trial in different ways. We often advise them about:

  • What they should or should not say
  • What they should expect
  • How they should speak in the stand
  • How to behave
  • How to dress for trial

By preparing for trial in advance, our clients enter the courtroom with more confidence and less pressure on their shoulders, as they know what to expect. A hearing is an entirely new process for them, and living it in advance before the real thing can be helpful for their case.

Legal knowledge and preparation

If you are either a student or someone who wants to prepare for trial, the Court of Creativity can help you gain legal knowledge by making you experience firsthand what a real hearing is like. You can also participate in court to test your legal knowledge. Either way, you can boost your confidence and acquire legal experience that you might need in the future.


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