Even mild brain trauma can cause lasting damage

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Personal Injury

When you suffer and injury in an accident, you and your doctor probably keep a careful eye on the wound as it heals. Whether it is a cut, a broken bone or an internal injury, doctors can examine the injury or perform tests to monitor the healing progress.

The same is not always true for brain injuries. Since the brain is such a complex organ, little is known about the effects when it is injured or its ability to heal. Additionally, too many unique factors may determine how one person’s recovery from a brain injury is vastly different from another’s. Unfortunately, the more researchers learn about brain injuries, the more they discover that even a minor injury can have significant impact on a person’s life.

Brain injuries vs. orthopedic injuries

Researchers are well aware of the effects of traumatic brain injuries, and even moderate injuries to the brain can result in a lifetime of deficits and struggles. However, not many investigations have examined those effects in mild brain trauma. If you or someone you love has suffered a concussion, you may be interested in the findings of a recent study.

The researchers compared the recovery progress of a group of patients who had suffered mild brain trauma to a smaller group of patients who suffered orthopedic injuries, such as broken bones, but did not suffer concussions. The results of the study show that more than half of those with mild brain trauma struggled with physical, psychological and cognitive limitations a year after the injury. Among those with orthopedic injuries only, about 38% still struggled.

What are the issues?

Some of the common issues those in the study experienced included challenges at work, difficulties in social setting and struggles completing complex tasks. Some accident victims suffered with amnesia. Analysts of the data conclude that if you suffer even a mild brain injury or concussion in an accident, you would be wise to seek treatment and follow up frequently with a doctor.

Since most brain injuries occur as a result of car accidents, you would also be wise to consider reaching out to a skilled Tennessee attorney who can advise you of your options for seeking compensation if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or reckless actions. A successful claim for compensation may mean having the means to obtain the medical attention you need to deal with any long term effects of a mild brain injury.


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