Support may be available to you after your divorce is final

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There are significant financial changes associated with divorce. Your lifestyle will probably change, and you will likely have to adjust to a new financial reality. These may be overwhelming thoughts, especially if you do not work or you earn significantly less than your spouse. Divorce will change your life in many ways, but it is possible that support could be available to you. 

Spousal maintenance is a type of support that is often available to a lesser-earning spouse. Sometimes, this type of support may be for a limited amount of time, perhaps long enough for that person to reenter the workforce, or it may be something that is permanent. If you believe that you could be eligible for this type of support, you need to know more about your rights and how you can fight for a fair final divorce order.

Financial stability for the future

One of your main priorities as you divorce is to secure terms that will allow you to have financial security for the future. This is especially important if you relied on your spouse’s income during the marriage or you earned significantly less than he or she did.

Whether you stayed home with the kids or changed your career path in order to support your spouse’s dream, you may have a valid claim to spousal support, or what many refer to as alimony. A court may determine that you are eligible for this by looking at the following factors:

  • Your income and your spouse’s income
  • How long you were out of the workforce
  • Your health and ability to find a new job
  • The mental state and physical capabilities of both spouses
  • The lifestyle you enjoyed while married
  • Your spouse’s ability to support you without suffering financial harm

These things can help a court see not only whether you have a valid claim to spousal support but also how much you should get and how long these payments should last. It may help to have the support and guidance of a Tennessee family law attorney as you pursue the right amount of support. 

Your financial future is on the line during your divorce. It is in your interests to seek a fair settlement, whether that is in negotiations or in the courtroom. An assessment of your case can help you see what options could be available to you and how you can fight for long-term security through the form of reasonable spousal support payments.


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