Divorce doesn’t have to be so stressful

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Divorce

You might agree that life is basically a series of changing events. Sometimes, the changes in your life are ones you have intentionally caused. Other situations may occur over which you had no say or felt like you had no control. Then there are changes that fall somewhere in between, such as divorce. You may be the one to file the papers in court or you may have found yourself caught off guard when papers arrived for you to sign.  

Either way, divorce is definitely a life-changing event, one that often prompts additional changes. Such situations can be quite stressful although many Tennessee spouses have found ways to keep divorce-related stress to a minimum. The type of support system you build will likely be a key factor to how well you are able to manage stress as you work toward a fair and satisfactory settlement.  

Physical and emotional health intersect 

Have you ever noticed how much your emotional state of mind affects your physical health? The reverse is also true, such as if you suffer an injury that causes chronic pain. It can be quite stressful to live with pain and discomfort on a daily basis. As for divorce, the following ideas may be helpful as you try to remain as healthy as possible while coping with new life situations:  

  • It is always a good idea, divorce or no divorce, to include regular, physical exercise in your daily or, at least, weekly routine. 
  • If traditional exercise isn’t your thing, simply staying physically active can be beneficial to your health as well. You may enjoy going for hikes or playing soccer with your kids.
  • If you are more physically fit, you are likely to feel calmer and more energetic as well. 
  • Emotions can be all over the place when you divorce. One day you might feel angry, and the next day, you may feel mournful, either of which is normal and to be expected. 
  • Allowing yourself to grieve the loss of your marriage or to process whatever emotion you happen to be feeling on a given day is a healthy way of coping that helps keep stress levels lower.  

If you are having trouble resolving child-related issues in your divorce, your stress levels may soar. Most Tennessee parents believe custody, visitation and child support are top priority issues, and most judges would agree. Achieving a peaceful co-parenting plan is more difficult if you feel stressed; however, reaching out for legal support is often a way to remove some of the negotiation or litigation burdens from your own shoulders, which, in turn, can lead to less stress.


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