Delayed symptoms and your rights as an accident victim

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2018 | Personal Injury

A car accident can leave you with injuries and physical complications that can affect your life for months or years to come. If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another Tennessee driver, you could have grounds to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim. You may also have this right even if you were not initially aware of the severity of your accident injuries.

Delayed symptoms are common after a car accident. This does not diminish your right to compensation, but many victims are unaware of how they can protect their rights. If you are suffering from pain and side effects that did not show up until days, weeks or months later, you would be wise to learn more about your option to move forward with a civil claim. 

The symptoms you should not ignore

If your symptoms do not initially appear, you may feel tempted to assume they relate to another health problem or issue. In reality, you would be suffering from problems caused by your car accident, and you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation that could help you address these issues.

Victims of car accidents should be careful to look for signs of serious injuries and underlying complications. When symptoms arise, it can be beneficial to seek help as soon as possible. Some common delayed symptoms after car accidents include the following:

  • Back pain, which could be a sign of damage to the muscle or the spine, whiplash or even a herniated disc
  • Headaches, which could be a symptom of a concussion, neck injury or even a blood clot
  • Abdominal pain, which may be a sign you experienced serious internal damage 

These are just a few signs of serious injuries that may not show up immediately after a serious accident. If you think you may have a valid claim, it is beneficial to take action as soon as possible.

Seeking the recovery you deserve

After a car accident, it is possible to hold liable parties accountable for your pain and suffering. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand the legal options available to you, even if you experienced delayed symptoms after your accident. 

As a victim, you have rights, which include the right to a full and fair recovery. Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to get the recompense you deserve for your medical bills, rehabilitation needs and more.


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