Why should you pay for damage you didn’t cause?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Car Accidents

If you live in or have traveled through Tennessee, you’re likely aware of its scenic roads and beautiful views. Beyond the obvious beauty, however, roadways are often cluttered with traffic and can quickly turn from uneventful and lovely to chaotic and dangerous when a distracted driver is in the vicinity.

Common distractions that often lead to collision

Perhaps you’ve seen someone behind the wheel struggling to see around the huge dog sitting in his or her lap while traveling 70 miles per hour on the highway. Pets jumping around in the driver’s seat are one of the top distractions that increase your chances of being in a car accident when one of these drivers cuts you off or broadsides your vehicle by drifting into the wrong lane.

Below, is a list of other top deadly driving distractions that may place you at risk for injury:

  • Adjusting equipment: One minute you’re heading toward your destination without incident, the next thing you know, the driver next to you tries to change the station on the radio and veers out of the proper lane, smashing into your car.
  • Meal time behind the wheel: Someone focused on the juicy burger and milkshake he or she is enjoying may not even see your car, until it’s too late.
  • Roadside gawking: People-watching is an activity best saved for a time when one is not operating a motor vehicle. You may be the next auto accident victim if a motorist nearby is goose necking to see something happening on the side of the road and careens into your path.
  • Texting: You probably notice several drivers texting behind their wheels every time you travel somewhere by car. More than one million accidents per year are a result of a driver texting while driving.

Motorists talking on their phones or taking selfies while driving also place you at grave risk for serious vehicle collisions. Even if you act with utmost caution and remain alert to your surroundings, you simply may not be able to react safely and quickly enough to steer clear of a distracted driver.

After the fact

If you’ve survived an accident caused by a distracted driver but were injured in the process, you are likely facing a great number of challenges in recovery. Beyond the sheer physical pain of bodily injury, you may be suffering emotionally from the experience as well.

Having a solid network of support may help you get your life back on track and achieve as full a recovery as possible. Others who have suffered in similar situations to yours have often received help through the following means:

  • Counseling: Whether you turn to a licensed counselor or a faith leader in your community, you may find that discussing your thoughts regarding your accident helps you sort through feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and frustration that are common among accident victims.
  • Experienced medical team: Depending on the severity of your injuries, obtaining a full physical recovery often hinges upon quality health care assistance. You are entitled to the best care possible to receive necessary treatment for any bodily harm you have suffered.
  • Personal Injury Attorney: A skilled and experienced attorney can help you reconstruct your accident in order to gather evidence and enlist the aid of expert witnesses to substantiate your claim should you choose to seek monetary judgment against the party or parties deemed responsible for your injuries.

Tennessee law protects people like you who have sustained damages due to another driver’s negligence. A negligent driver can be held financially accountable for the cost of your medical expenses, wages you’ve lost from time off work and other costs related to your situation.

By allowing an experienced personal injury lawyer to advocate on your behalf, you can focus on recovery and moving forward toward a successful and happy future while your attorney fights to help you get the care you need and obtain the maximum compensation available for the suffering you’ve endured.


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