Helping You Apply For SSI And SSDI Benefits

Many disabled workers are eligible for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Some workers are entitled to both.

At the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, in Clarksville, Tennessee, we help clients apply for the benefits that they deserve. We help you file your application correctly the first time to reduce the likelihood of a denial and the need for an appeal. We help you understand your rights, and we deal with the Social Security Administration so that you don’t have to. Our compassionate attorneys use their experience and knowledge of disability law to assist our clients in getting the benefits they need.

Understanding the requirements for SSI and SSDI

Although SSI and SSDI are both benefits programs that help people who are disabled, they have different financial requirements and different purposes. The medical requirements for both programs are the same: the disability must be great enough to keep people from working at their normal job or at any other occupation for a significant period of time.

To qualify for SSI, your assets and earnings must be very low. This is an entirely need-based program, meaning that even those who have never worked before are able to receive benefits if they qualify financially and medically.

SSDI operates similarly to Social Security or insurance. Eligibility is based on whether you have worked enough recently. Those who have enough “work credits” have paid into the system and will be eligible for benefits when they become disabled.

The application process for Social Security benefits programs

The processes of applying for SSI and SSDI are similar. In fact, many clients choose to apply for both at the same time, in what is known as a concurrent claim. If your SSI benefits are low enough, you may still meet the earnings requirements for SSDI. Our attorneys help people in the Clarksville area apply to the appropriate programs. We believe that when you have good attorneys with faith in the Lord on your side, you have a better chance of success.

Our Christian lawyers are focused on getting you the benefits that you need. We help you gather all necessary medical records, financial information and other evidence that can be used to help create a successful application. Although many applications are denied the first time, having an experienced attorney help you prepare your forms can increase your chances of success.

What happens when SSI or SSDI benefits are denied?

In most cases, no matter how serious your disability and no matter how strong your evidence, your application will be rejected. This is simply part of the process and says very little about your chances for eventually getting the benefits you need. Our attorneys accompany you through all steps of the appeals process to make sure that you get the support you need to live the life God wants for you. We want you to get the benefits you are entitled to as soon as possible, and we do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Let an experienced TN attorney guide you through the SSI or SSDI application process

With the help of a knowledgeable Tennessee Social Security disability attorney, the SSI or SSDI application process can be made much easier. The Christian attorneys at the Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC have established themselves as advocates for those who are in great need. For a free initial consultation with a compassionate disability attorney, call our Clarksville office at 931-444-5620 or contact us online.