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Intersection crash: Who's at the corner of fault and restitution?

Because car accidents can cause a substantial amount of physical and mental anguish, you may feel the need to take legal action if you have suffered in such an event. Of course, in order to file a claim against the driver considered responsible, you need an official determination of fault. Though you may know that you did not cause the accident, evidence and details of the crash require consideration.

If your accident occurred at an intersection -- as many car crashes do -- determining who had the right of way can play a significant role. However, coming to this conclusion may prove difficult if conflicting reports exist regarding what the traffic signals may have indicated at the time of the collision. Luckily, investigations and reconstructions can often help reach the correct conclusions.

Get a leg up when fighting the results of a one-leg stand test

Getting pulled over for suspected impairment is not a small thing. One's behavior and cooperation with police are very important in such a situation. If any signs that you might be impaired are present, the officer will likely ask you to take part in field sobriety testing. One test that police commonly administer in Tennessee and elsewhere is the one-leg stand test.

What exactly is the one-leg stand test? Is it accurate? Can I refuse?

This is not your father's custody battle

Traditional philosophies of parenting hold fast to the idea that spending time away from their mothers is harmful to children. Some well-respected psychologists believe that even if a child of divorced parents spends the night with his or her own father, the bond between the child and the mother may be damaged. If you are a divorced parent of a small child, you may be concerned about this as well.

However, new research shows that time spent with fathers is not hazardous to the mother-child bond. In fact, it is likely healthy for the child's relationship with both parents.

I have cancer. Do I have a valid claim for disability benefits?

There is nothing as frightening as a diagnosis of cancer, and the last thing you want to worry about at this time is your financial health. However, with cancer often comes treatments and chemotherapy that may leave you unable to work for an extended period of time.

Distracted drivers draw dangers and damages

You likely come across distractions in your everyday life on a frequent basis. In many cases, these distractions do little more than cause you to divert your attention for a few moments from a task to which you should readily attend. However, if individuals become distracted while driving, a high possibility exists that a serious accident could occur.

Driving in the Golden Years

If you were to take a Sunday drive (as was common in olden days) through a Tennessee or Kentucky valley, you'd likely notice some motorists who appear older than others. While getting your driver's license for the first time might be a milestone you remember well in life, older people often see their ability to keep driving as a special sign of independence as well. Some say once you reach a certain age, the decision to drive or give up your keys should not be left to you.

Wills versus trusts: The right tools for your estate

Estate planning is not something solely reserved for the wealthy, but is a wise step for any person who wishes to maintain control over what happens to his or her estate in the future. Having a will is the most basic step in estate planning regardless of a person's income or wealth, but there are also other ways to protect yourself, such as by establishing a trust.

Why should you pay for damage you didn't cause?

If you live in or have traveled through Tennessee, you're likely aware of its scenic roads and beautiful views. Beyond the obvious beauty, however, roadways are often cluttered with traffic and can quickly turn from uneventful and lovely to chaotic and dangerous when a distracted driver is in the vicinity.

The Advantages of Uncontested Divorce

Residents in Tennessee can file for one of two different types of divorce. With contested divorce, the couple splitting up cannot agree to terms therefore go to trial. The 12 different grounds for contested divorce include adultery, habitual drunkenness or drug use, impotency or sterility, bigamy or conviction of a felony.

Uncontested divorce technically means that you have filed for divorce and your spouse has opted not to fight or contest. But it's generally understood that uncontested divorce means that the couple mutually agrees to split apart on good terms. If you plan to go this direction you can go with the no-fault grounds of irreconcilable differences for divorce.

7 Steps to Follow After Getting Into an Accident

You were driving along, minding your own business and listening to some music on the radio. Then the pick-up truck in the next lane on Middlebrook Pike veers into your lane and hits your passenger side door before swerving back into their own lane.

The good news is that you aren't hurt and are able to pull the car safely over to the side of the road. Happily, the driver who hit you also pulls over. You both turn off your vehicles and get out.

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